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Sustainable food storage made by cotton and beeswax

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Small - 3 storage 20x20cm: perfect for cup, glasses, onion, lemon, half apple, small pieces of cheese, dry fruits.

Packaging in cotton and beeswax, natural substitute for plastic film, an innovative and sustainable alternative to preserve snacks or leftovers from the day before, keeping them fresh longer.

A greener way to bring a snack to work, store leftovers in the fridge or cover a bowl.

Thanks to the combination of beeswax and natural pine resin, the wraps naturally adhere to the product, ensuring that the food or container is well sealed, the warmth of the hands helps shape the wraps to give a strong seal.

The packaging stays really tight even after using and washing it over and over. We use discarded fabrics, so the prints of the wraps cannot be chosen, they are made based on availability of our local supplier.

How it works:

Select the food or container that you want to seal

Pinch and heat the ends of the fabric with your fingers

With the heat of your hands you will activate the beeswax, helping you to shape the wrap and seal perfectly your food to store

Wash it in cold water with natural soap or vinegar

Dry it in a cool environment Store it in a dry place and have it ready for REuse (up to a year).

Additional information:

Preheat your oven to 100 degrees

Line your tray with baking paper

Place your beeswax wraps, if it’s bigger than the tray you can fold them

Leave in the oven for 4 minutes

Be careful when removing your beeswax wraps from the oven, the wax melts and can get very hot!

Allow to dry in a cool environment

That’s it, is Ready to Reuse!

SUSSO is an Italian brand that develops sustainable solutions for household products.

Eco-friendly and plastic-free products, all made with natural ingredients.

Behind the brand there are Patricia and Federico, a couple in life and work who, a few years ago, decided to adopt more sustainable habits, making this change real through the creation of SUSSO.

Proof that with a little effort and working together we can transform a vicious circle into a virtuous one, trying to give to "Planet A" a chance!

WHATaECO has chosen SUSSO because it is a new, Italian, family-run brand that looks to the future with a view to hope and awareness, which does not accept half measures using only natural ingredients and leftover fabrics for a zero-waste life.

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