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Organic cotton T-shirt with plant based colors

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Support an eco-friendly startup. Organic cotton coolest t-shirt. Certified Fair Trade, GOTS and CO2 neutral.

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WHATaDAMA - A capsule to eat with the eyes!

The Earth is beauty and goodness. It is an immense art gallery, a huge garden. An atelier in the sky (ups, universe) open with works of all kinds. Timeless, immobile and patient artistic masterpieces, made to satisfy our hunger for knowledge; natural and tasty masterpieces that nourish us by changing shape, color and flavor according to the season, sister (or twin?) of sustainability.

We dream that the works of man take care of the natural ones, forever. This is why in the spring-summer 2021 capsule collection the famous lady does not cuddle an ermine, but a beautiful juicy pumpkin; the David does not hold a sling, but a bunch of black grapes.

Wear Medulla made tees, promote the care for beautiful and good things!

"Sustainable development is that which satisfies the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own." (UN World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987)

Lady with Pumpkin | WHATaLADY

The print

Silk-screened by hand on two levels with natural colors.

The colors

Black was obtained from a mixture of indigo, madder, acacia and graphite, green was obtained with chlorophyll extract. Only natural catalysts were used.


100% organic cotton


certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), made in compliance with the worker's code of ethics (certified Fair Wear Foundation ) and using only energy from renewable sources ( CO2 Climate Neutral certificate ).

T-shirt color

Misty pink


The print may show slight variations in color and shades due to the use of 100% natural colors and manual production. Handwash in cold water. No tumbledry. The t-shirt is already been washed twice to avoid color leaks.

Available sizes

XS - S - M - L - XL (size guide visible in the last picture)

Production time

Immediate availability

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Customer Reviews
Based on 4 reviews