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    Camomille | Face and hair tonic

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    Camomille - Vie de Fleur


    Mixed tonic for face and hair. Emotion becomes camomille. vie de fleur. A sweet, soft accord. Sophisticated. This is the accord obtained from the meeting of Roman Chamomile flower heads, among the sweet notes of the soil that rises with the early morning sun.

    Refinement and persistence characterise the distinctive nuances of its notes, edible with the scent of Honey and Hazelnut. The cornflower framework makes the lively connection of Camomille Vie de Fleur, obtained from the scent of hazelnut roots, harmonious and intense. This unique and rare synergy embellishes the distillation, assuming unique pyramidal and emotional olfactory characteristics. Amber. Bold. Feminine. Aromacosmetics tells us that the subtle properties of the flower evoke strength and relaxation, promoting inner balance and helping to process both physical and emotional experiences.

    Harvesting Roman chamomile is an art that dates back to ancient times, handed down from generation to generation by the ancient herbaria. It was skilfully worked with a long process of picking and storing the flower, exclusively at its best balsamic moment according to the lunar calendar and during the early morning hours when the flower is drying from the night dew.

    The name "Vie de Fleur" takes its inspiration from its nature, which spreads out naturally in a pathway of flowers.

    How to use

    Ideal facial tonic for sensitive skin, apply after daily cleansing in the morning and evening. Apply several times during the day for revitalising and remineralising rebalancing or whenever you feel the need for a total sensory and emotional Well-Being experience. On the scalp associated with herbal packs or rinses, and for daily use on the lengths. Ideal to be combined with essential oil synergies.


    Anthemis Nobilis Distillate* (*from organic farming)


    Ecobiological Certified by Suolo e Salute Srl Cat. Biocosmesi Verde Veritas


    Chamomile on an emotional level facilitates overcoming shock, anger, nervousness and insomnia, bringing peace, balance and comfort - Vie de Fleur - like the comfort of the plant's typical appearance: strong roots and ability to live in arid environments, blossoming with its top characterised by many flower heads on the same stem. Counteracts dissatisfaction and restlessness, giving a sweet sense of balance and protection. Useful in cases of nappy rash, allergies, irritation and inflammation and in combination with other cosmetics to enhance the action of the plant. Used since ancient times, Chamomile was one of the twelve sacred plants used in medicine.


    100 ml

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    Once the management of herbs was entrusted to herbaria, those who knew the properties of herbs, women who had understood the profound connection with nature and who handed down female knowledge for generations and centuries.

    Today there is a desire to return to that world, with this goal the brand Le Herbarie was born.

    For over 14 years Myriam, the founder of the brand, has been involved in researching and spreading the best of phytocosmetics, trying to convey together the meaning of well Being in the its totality. A way of looking, of being and of living it. Her career through international skincare around the world and the thousands of skins she has been able to meet have strengthened her desire to direct her search for a unique model of skin well-being.

    There is a time and a place where the purest flowers, spontaneous and happy express all their strength and vitality, and their lymph vibrates with the most magical therapeutic and functional virtues. From the texts and treatises that have crossed history, we discover how they once took on special and unique characteristics according to the different harvesting methods, days, moons, seasons and love.

    Le Herbarie is a place where passion translates into wisdom, with the creation of synergies and recipes capable of enhancing the individual property of each plant, through spagyric and galenic preparations, thus giving life to new targeted functional symphonies.

    Cosmetics dedicated to skin, considered as a great stage that interprets our inner life and our relationship with the outside world.

    We should never forget that the skin is an organ that pays off if it is respected. As in nature, fertile soil interacts with plants, structures itself and is capable of regenerating itself. In fact, an infinite number of biodiversity is preserved in the soil, the multitude of these determines the quality of the soil, as well as its health.

    In the heart of Le Herbarie cosmetics we find love and balsamic time , the time in which the whole universe lives.

    WHATaECO has chosen Le Herbarie because aims to preserve the genetic heritage of the skin not only by relying on nature, but respecting its times, life cycles and seasons. Thanks to Myriam and her brand, we rediscover the past with one foot in the future.

    leHerbarie's products are sustainable and the supply chain is guaranteed ethical.

    In addition, the brand pays special attention to extra values, including:


    Plastic - free


    Clean energy


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