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It is spun with a technique that makes it particularly soft compared to other cotton fabrics. Gentle washing is recommended in order to maintain these characteristics for as long as possible.

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The CasaGIN T-Shirt , 100% organic cotton GOTS made in Italy, is in fabric of natural origin: soft, light, fresh, 100% GOTS cotton and therefore completely biodegradable.

It is spun with a technique that makes it particularly soft compared to other cotton fabrics. Gentle washing is recommended in order to maintain these characteristics for as long as possible.

The prints are made with water colors . This project aims to guarantee a future for three particularly endangered species, which therefore need our most careful help. With the purchase of a T-Shirt, CasaGIN will contribute by donating 10% to WWF for the conservation projects of the Koala , the Polar Bear and the Whale .


Francesco is 180 cm tall and wears a size L. Soft fit.

FABRIC 100% organic cotton GOTS . Our fabric was produced in Italy according to the strictest standards, to ensure a healthy product for people and the environment.

100% MADE IN ITALY Designed and made with love in the province of Venice, Italy.

BENEFITS Breathable, soft, eco-sustainable.

CARE Hand washing is preferable at 30 ° C maximum.

CasaGIN is a brand conceived for those looking for a sustainable lifestyle and conscious capable of transmitting well-being and harmony.

Everything is energy: people, no doubt, but also things, those we see, eat, touch... and those we wear. In fact, the first project he decided to dedicate himself to is a line of underwear, the garments that first and most of all come into contact with our skin.

By choosing natural fabrics, produced according to eco-sustainable processes, and processed in small Italian companies where textile work is still a manufacturing art, CasaGIN transmits the authentic feeling of wellness we are all looking for.

Made in Italy garments, made with respect for the environment in biodegradable vegetable fibers, gentle on the skin and safe for the environment, by Venetian laboratories at a maximum distance of 70 km from the brand headquarters.

All the raw materials used come from companies with strict certifications of control and "global supplier codes of conduct" that guarantee compliance with high minimum standards of health, safety, compliance with human rights, environmental protection, ethical principles and management practices. Producing in laboratories near the company headquarters allows you to personally verify the working conditions of each individual person and to have a human relationship with those who produce the garments that transmit the skilful work of their own artisan hands to products.

The fibers used instead for the beachwear, necessary to have more technical garments, derive from plastic materials, in this case starting from waste to give life to new fibers, thanks to the help of numerous people and associations, fishing nets and plastics abandoned in the oceans are recovered, with these initiatives, in addition to cleaning the oceans of these materials, numerous animal species are also saved and captured in a accidental.

Even for the packaging of CasaGIN products, CasaGIN employs the work of small artisan workshops with decades of family-run experience, where comfortable working environments are guaranteed, up to standard and wages fair, Italy is one of the countries where worker regulation is more controlled by institutional and trade union bodies, which guarantee very strict contracts, safety and health regulations.

The materials that CasaGIN has chosen

Beech fiber is 100% natural and Austria hosts the entire production process of this yarn, from cellulose to fibers with a neutral production with minimum environmental impact. The result is the TENCEL ™ Modal fabric. You can use are every aspect of beech wood. In addition to cellulose, other precious materials are extracted (acetic acid used for the production of food, xylose, the basis for the production of sweeteners, sodium sulphate used for the production of glass). The rest of the wood is used thermally in processing plants, contributing significantly to energy production. The benefits are evident, not only for the environment but also for the skin. Beech not only gives fabrics a soft appearance, but also greater resistance than traditional cotton. When washed in hard water, it does not retain minerals such as limestone and shrinks and discolors much less than cotton. This fiber has a absorbency greater than 50% compared to cotton , leaving the skin always dry and fresh.

The eucalyptus fiber. The TENCEL ™ Lyocell fabric is born from eucalyptus wood, the production of which is considered revolutionary: ecological and economical. Eucalyptus grows very fast and is grown in long-lasting forest plantations without the need for artificial irrigation or genetic manipulation. Unlike traditional cotton, therefore, it is produced without the use of water and pesticides. Eucalyptus can be grown on areas of marginal yield that cannot be used for the production of food. It follows that the productivity of the fibers is 10 times higher than that of cotton. From 6m2 of land you get 10 t-shirts in eucalyptus fiber against 1 in cotton . But what makes the eucalyptus fiber production process revolutionary is the complete recycling of the solvent used which is recovered almost 100%, while the remaining emissions, very limited, they are degraded in biological purification plants. In every garment in eucalyptus fiber you can feel a little bit of nature. Soft like silk but strong like polyester, this natural fiber is also extraordinarily breathable. By means of the nano-fibrils, the eucalyptus fiber stores moisture and then releases it quickly into the environment. This function provides a very pleasant thermal compensation on the skin that makes the fabric warm in winter and cool in summer.

Organic cotton is softer and lasts longer than traditional cotton. Organic cotton in which only the natural raw material is used which is not subjected to any type of chemical treatment in any of the processing stages, which goes from sowing to packaging the garment. For dyeing there are strict certifications (oeko-test) in order to exclude the presence of toxic and / or harmful substances for humans and the environment.

Econyl. ECONYL® regenerated nylon consists of waste such as fishing nets from the oceans and aquaculture, fabric waste from mills and carpets destined for landfill, it is infinitely recyclable. For every 10,000 tons of raw material needed to produce ECONYL® yarn, it is possible to save 70,000 barrels of crude oil and 57,100 tons of CO2 eq emissions. ECONYL® reduces its impact on global warming potential by 80% compared to the common nylon produced from petroleum. Once collected, the waste is cleaned and processing begins to recover the nylon. Through an innovative process of purification, the waste is regenerated until it returns to its initial quality. Regenerated nylon is spun again to produce our garments such as the CasaGIN swimwear line, resistant to sunscreen, chlorine and UVA rays of + 50.

Recycled PET. Once the plastic bottles are collected, they are taken to recycling centers where, after a long process, they are transformed into flakes of such a high quality that they can be reused. The benefits of this process in nature are many, 50% of energy is saved compared to production on virgin raw material, during recycling, the fiber created does not lose its properties and can be reused indefinitely. It allows the recovery of large quantities of waste present on beaches and landfills around the world, thus helping a circular economy. CasaGIN Use this yarn in the most technical garments where it is possible to obtain excellent resistance to rubbing performances, guaranteeing a longer product life. This precious yarn is therefore characterized by great resistance, breathability, durability, sustainability and low environmental impact.

WHATaECO chose CasaGIN because in a laudable transparency shows great interest both in respecting natural cycles and in the well-being of individuals.

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